48 Post Gilbertfield

The Royal Observer Corps underground monitoring post at Gilbertfield is one of over 1500 bunkers built during the Cold War to monitor and report on radioactive fallout should the United Kingdom have been attacked by nuclear weapons. It was built in 1966 and remained active until the ROC was stood-down in September 1991.

It lay abandoned until 2006 when its surface features and monitoring room were restored to how it would have looked when last operational. The post was available by appointment to anybody that wanted to visit and it hosted many interested parties over the years who left with an appreciation of the often unknown work of the members of the Corps.

Sadly, life sometimes gets in the way of even the best laid plans and in 2015, due to health issues, I had no option but to stop the restoration, sell most of the equipment I had bought over the years and mothball the post. It remained secure and I checked it regularly; however it otherwise lay dormant.

Now, in 2022, the skies are brighter and the time is right to start ‘Restoration 2.0’ to get 48 Post back to operational condition. There’s going to be a lot of work required to restore the structure from weather damage over the past few years and sourcing small items of equipment, such as the TeleTalk; however this little bunker in the corner of a field has a lot more stories to tell and it’s my job, once again, to make sure they can be heard.

I’ll build this website over the coming months to chart the progress of the restoration. In the meantime I want to reintroduce myself to the community, plan out the restoration and start work. Please check back to see how it’s going. I’d also love to hear from anybody who has any questions, stories from the posts operational days or equipment available to sell/loan to the project.


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